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NC USSSA Archives

Tournament Results

Goldsboro 3/6 Wendell 3/6 Wendell 3/12 Smithfield 3/20 Micro 3/26
Kinston 3/26 Micro 4/3 Cary 4/9 Rocky Mount 4/10 Smithfield 4/17
Cary 4/24 Greenville 4/24 Kinston 5/1 Clayton 5/1

Click here to view all 2015 NC USSSA Tournament Results.             

Goldsboro 3/5 - 3/6


                   1st     Lady Lightning (Cashwell)

                   2nd      Carolina Storm Surge (Holmquist)

                   3rd     Coastal Breeze (05)


                   1st      Carolina Dirt Devils (03)     

                   2nd    Spirits Fastpitch

                   3rd      Pitt County Dynamite (04)

Wendell 3/5 - 3/6

          14U "Red"

                   1st     Carolina Cardinal (03) (12U)

                   2nd    Cape Fear Hurricanes

                   3rd     Lady Nationals   

          14U "Blue"

                   1st     Holly Springs Thunder

                   2nd    Lady Panthers

                   3rd     Carolina Lady Blaze (03) (12U)

          High School

                   1st     Carolina Shockwave (Gold)

                   2nd    Carolina Elite (Woodard) (14U)

                   3rd     Carolina Cardinals (Adams) 

Wendell 3/12

          High School 

                   1st     Carolina Storm Surge (Boggs)

                   2nd    Carolina Crocs

                   3rd     NC Spark (00)   

Smithfield 3/19 - 3/20


                   1st     Cleveland Angels (05)

                   2nd    Lady Lightning (Cashwell)

                   3rd     Coastal Breeze (05)   


                   1st     Johnston County Clippers (04)

                   2nd    Lady Raptors

                   3rd     Wendell Chaos

          14U "Red"

                   1st     NC Challengers (Futures)

                   2nd    Lady Heat (01)

                   3rd     Firecrackers NC (Puryear) 

          14U "Blue" 

                   1st     Carolina Cardinals (03) (12U)

                   2nd    South Wake Storm (Marvilli)

                   3rd     Johnston County Clippers

          High School "Red" 

                   1st     Carolina Wildcats

                   2nd    Randolph Rage

                   3rd     Lady Stars (99)   

          High School "Blue"

                   1st     Carolina Elite (Woodard) (14U)

                   2nd    NC Spark (00)

                   3rd     Inferno Fastpitch

Micro 3/26


                   1st     Carolina Shockwave (Black)

                   2nd      Lady Raptors

                   3rd     Carolina Lady Blaze (04)

          High School 

                   1st      Lady Stars (99)     

                   2nd    MVP Warriors

                   3rd      Carolina Slammers

Kinston 3/26


                   1st     Diamond Elite (Dover)

                   2nd      Port City Thunder (02)

                   3rd     Wilson Xtreme (02)

          High School

                   1st      Eastern Diamondbacks (99)     

                   2nd    Crystal Coast Phantoms

                   3rd      Coastal Sirens

Micro 4/3


                   1st     Johnston County Clippers (04)

                   2nd      Carolina Lady Blaze (04)

                   3rd     South Wake Storm

Cary 4/9

          High School "Red" 

                   1st     Randolph Rage

                   2nd    Carolina Cardinals (Adams)

                   3rd     Carolina Crocs   

          High School "Blue"

                   1st     Canes Elite

                   2nd    Cape Fear Storm (Britt)

                   3rd     Carolina Cardinals (Webster) (02) (14U)

Rocky Mount 4/9 - 4/10


                   1st     Carolina Storm Surge (Holmquist)

                   2nd    NC Lady Bulldogs

                   3rd     Lady Phantoms


                   1st     Elite Fastpitch of Virginia (03)

                   2nd    Shockers (03)

                   3rd     Carolina Shockwave (Black)

          14U "Blue"

                   1st     Wilson Xtreme (02)

                   2nd    Cape Fear Hurricanes

                   3rd     Virginia Coastal Fury (Mark) 

          14U "Green" 

                   1st     RV Power

                   2nd    Virginia TopHand Storm

                   3rd     Carolina Cyclones (02)

          High School 

                   1st     Lady Stars (99)

                   2nd    Carolina Titans

                   3rd     Carolina Heat

Smithfield 4/16 - 4/17

          10U "Red" 

                   1st     South Carolina Diamondbacks (05)

                   2nd    Cleveland Angels (05)

                   3rd     Johnston County Clippers (05)   

          10U "Blue"

                   1st     Coastal Breeze (05)

                   2nd    Carolina Storm Surge (Holmquist)

                   3rd     NC Lady Bulldogs

          10U "Green"

                   1st     Lady Phantoms

                   2nd    High Voltage

                   3rd     Legends Fastpitch (06) 

          12U "Red" 

                   1st     Carolina Cardinals (03)

                   2nd    Elite Fastpitch of Virginia (03)

                   3rd     Carolina Stealth (03)

          12U "Blue" 

                   1st     High Voltage (04)

                   2nd    Carolina Mash (04)

                   3rd     Cape Fear Storm (04)   

          12U "Green"

                   1st     South Wake Storm

                   2nd    Lady Phantoms

                   3rd     Garner Optimist Stars

          14U "Red" 

                   1st     Carolina Shockwave (Teal)

                   2nd    Wilson Xtreme (02)

                   3rd     Carolina Slammers   

          14U "Blue"

                   1st     Carolina Landsharks

                   2nd    Carolina Shockwave (White)

                   3rd     Carolina Dirt Devils (03) (Brad) (12U)

          High School "Red"

                   1st     Cleveland Angels Elite

                   2nd    Cape Fear Storm (Moore)

                   3rd     Lady Lightning Select (Wall) 

          High School "Blue" 

                   1st     Carolina Titans

                   2nd    Crystal Coast Riptides (01) (14U)

                   3rd     Carolina Elite (Woodard) (14U)

Cary 4/24


                   1st     Carolina Lady Blaze (04)

                   2nd      Lady Outlaws

                   3rd     NC Dominators

          High School

                   1st      Carolina Stars     

                   2nd    Randolph Rage

                   3rd      Carolina Storm Surge (Wilson)

Greenville 4/23 - 4/24


                   1st     Lady Nationals

                   2nd      Holly Springs Thunder

                   3rd     Port City Thunder (02)

          High School

                   1st      Carolina Sparx     

                   2nd    Eastern Diamondbacks (99)

                   3rd      Carolina Rage

Kinston 4/30 - 5/1


                   1st     Carolina Landsharks

                   2nd      Diamond Elite (Dover)

                   3rd     Carolina Enforcers

          High School

                   1st      Canes Elite     

                   2nd    Shockers

                   3rd      NC Dirt Flingers

Clayton 4/30 - 5/1


                   1st     Carolina Shockwave (Orange)

                   2nd    Southern Sandsharks (06)

                   3rd     Carolina Storm Surge (Holmquist)   


                   1st     Cleveland Angels (03)

                   2nd    The Hit'n Mill Lady Vipers (03)

                   3rd     Cleveland Angels (04)


                   1st     Carolina Lady Blaze (01)

                   2nd    Carolina Shockwave (Teal)

                   3rd     Holly Springs Demons 

          High School 

                   1st     Infinity Fastpitch

                   2nd    NC Challengers (Cooke) (14U)

                   3rd     NC Spark (00)